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Heal Your Body

Physical health is fundamental to holistic well-being, intricately interwoven with our mood regulation, energy levels, and stress resilience. At TCB, we appreciate the connection between mind and body, emphasising the cultivation of personal responsibility and harmony in our approach. Through individually tailored counselling sessions our guidance spans various domains, including recommended exercise regimens, nutritional insights, nervous system release techniques (polyvagal) and self-care practices adapted to each individual’s unique needs and circumstances. By considering the enhancement of physical health, you will not only fortify the body but also lay a foundation for mental acuity, inner resilience, and a fulfilling life path.

Heal Your Body sessions are a minimum of 3 sessions. If you have already completed work on your symptoms you may be able to see the success you desire in less sessions. This can be assessed in your first session before a formal contract.

Book a session today to take a holistic appraoch and enhance your full potential.

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