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Free Your Mind

Exploring the science of brain function is the first step towards taking control of your thinking and developing self-awareness and resilience. Understanding the intricacies of your brain provides deeper insight into your experiences, thought patterns, emotions, and behaviours, empowering you to remove old beliefs and habits. Counselling will guide you to progress towards achieving clarity, advanced resilience, and develop the ability to maintain a sense of well-being and self- discovery through your mental clarity.

Counselling will guide you through various evidence based and innovative techniques, to increase your heart coherence, and practical tools such as meditation, empowering you to cultivate a harmonious relationship with your mind and heart, unlocking your fullest potential.

Free Your Mind sessions come in blocks of 4. If you have already completed work on your symptoms you may be able to see the success you desire in less sessions. This can be assessed in your first session before a formal contract of sessions is made.

Book a session today to free your mind and enhance your full potential.

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