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Deeper Truth

Spirituality - embodies the profound autonomy of individuals to explore, define, and connect

with their sense of purpose and belonging on their own terms. It encapsulates the liberty to discern personal beliefs, values, and practices without external imposition or constraint. Spirituality is the journey of seeking meaning, purpose, and connection beyond the material realm. Spirituality fosters compassion, empathy, and a sense of belonging, guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding of existence and their place within it.

Personal sovereignty - is the cornerstone of individual autonomy, empowering one to govern their own life without undue influence or coercion. It embodies the inherent right to make decisions aligned with personal values, beliefs, and desires, free from external manipulation. With personal sovereignty, individuals cultivate self-awareness, assert their boundaries, and take responsibility for their actions, shaping their destiny with authenticity and integrity in a world of diverse perspectives and influences.

Conscious Awakening – Waking up to the beauty of this realm and learning to let go of the lies and corruption within the collective is empowering to your freedom. Yet it can also be an isolating experience. Is a Sovereign being with a broad innerstanding of how to guide others through their own journey of discovery and self healing.

Drug Experiences / Psychedelics Integration - Self medicating or recreational drug use can often lead to a surprise experience of being out of our mind, body and soul. Whether this was a positive or negative experience, Counselling will help you explore and reflect upon the key learning of the experiences and identify ways to ensure you are keeping yourself safe and healthy in your reflections and actions. Fostering an approach of non judgement and naturopathic insights, you will be safe and supported to express your unique experiences.

The Hermetic Principles - derived from ancient Egyptian and Greek wisdom traditions, encapsulate fundamental principles governing the universe's operation and human consciousness. These principles, as expounded in the Corpus Hermeticum and other Hermetic texts, include concepts such as Mentalism, the idea that the universe is fundamentally mental in nature; Correspondence, which suggests that patterns and phenomena in the macrocosm reflect those in the microcosm; Vibration, indicating that everything is in constant motion and has its own frequency; Polarity, illustrating the dual nature of all things and the presence of opposites; Rhythm, highlighting the cyclical nature of existence; Cause and Effect, emphasizing the interconnectedness of events; Gender, signifying the presence of masculine and feminine energies in all things. Together, these principles provide a framework for understanding the cosmos and offer insights into the nature of reality, consciousness, and spiritual growth.

The Trivium - is a foundational concept in classical education, encompassing three core subjects: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. It forms the basis for cultivating critical thinking and effective communication skills. Grammar involves understanding language structure and rules. Logic teaches the principles of reasoning and argumentation. Rhetoric focuses on persuasive expression and effective communication. Together, these disciplines provide a comprehensive framework for intellectual development and lifelong learning.

Routine and ritual - though often interchangeable they differ fundamentally in essence and impact. Routine is the structured sequence of actions that provide order and efficiency in daily life, a mundane necessity. Ritual, however, transcends mere habit; it imbues actions with significance, invoking a deeper connection to oneself, others, or the divine. While routine maintains stability, ritual infuses life with meaning, enriching our existence beyond the ordinary rhythm of the day

Walter Russell’s - cosmogony posits a dynamic universe governed by the interplay of rhythmic forces. Central to his framework is the concept of a cosmic spiral, wherein all creation emerges from the interaction between centripetal and centrifugal forces. Russell describes a universe in constant motion, where energy is perpetually transforming from one state to another. Matter, according to Russell, is a manifestation of energy in motion, and all forms in the universe are interconnected and interdependent. His cosmogony emphasizes the harmony and balance inherent in the cosmos, with creation evolving through cycles of expansion and contraction. Through his holistic vision, Russell presents a model of the universe as a unified and harmonious whole, where the principles of rhythm and balance govern all existence.

SPIRE – is a tool we can use to align our highest desires with a holistic model. Focusing on our Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational and Emotional connections to harness a deeper connection to who we truly wish to be and the steps and skills to maintain this vision. Spiritual Counselling can be single sessions for individuals or a set block, agreed in session one, based on an assessment of your needs.

Book a session today to synchronise all areas of your holistic health and well being.

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