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Initial Arrangements

Greetings and High Vibrations. Welcome to my website. By using it, you’re agreeing to the following terms of use, which you should take time to read.

All front of house pages are public and are intended as a source to help those looking for information about psychotherapy, and to further identify the reasons people seek help with their personal growth and challenging experiences.

The free pages, serve as an introduction to the advanced content within the private membership pages. To access any resources or service through website you must join as a member, and begin your journey as a sovereign being in the private sector of TCB online Blou community.

The rules here are simple: You agree to engage as an honest and true reflection of who you are. You will show integrity and present your authentic self. You do not take part whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You understand you are joining a private group as a living man or woman sovereign individual protected by the The Law of Mankind, and private legislation and not as a member of the public or a State, HMRC, or Government agent.

Your activities and the activities within the group are private and not to be shared out with the encrypted platform. Failure to follow these common decency guidelines will result in immediate discontinuation of your membership, without compensation.

Not sure if to join?

One month membership is free and provides a short window for you to enjoy a look around the membership platform, access to some resources (but not all the best ones, in my opinion) and to set up your own session satchel and personal growth plan.

Once the month has expired, you will be asked to join as fully paid member or risk losing all your progress to date.

Annual Membership is £20 per year and provides access to all areas for you to enjoy the membership platform, access to all the resources, tailored sessions, discount codes and access to your own session satchel and personal growth plan, as well as some really interesting areas of the site for your ongoing learning and self discovery.

Booking a session

When you book a session, you must compensate me in advance. You will have the option to choose the time and date that you prefer. You will be contacted by email to confirm the session time you want is available.

You will be asked to complete an Initial Assessment and an agreement outlining boundaries to ensure your counselling is safe, ethical and based on your strengths and needs as an individual.

Once a booking is confirmed, if you do not attend, 50% of the compensation will be retained.

All counsellors of TCB are bound by the confidential and ethical codes of conducts as stated by their registration body: BACP, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Information on my policy and procedures is your responsibility to read and approve.


TCB are continually working to update our website to make it as accessible as possible to everyone who wishes uses it. We aim to meet the AA accessibility standard, as laid out by W3C in its Web Accessibility Initiative. Achieving this standard demonstrates that our website has a high level of accessibility for users.

We use PDF (Portable Document Format) documents on this website to make your session information available for you to download and view. PDFs are a common file format used on the internet. If your browser does not open PDFs, you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.

The website aims to retain accessibility of PDFs by using assistive technologies such as screen readers, navigation through the keyboard and enhanced screen viewing. You can find information about these features on the Adobe website.

Further information: Additional documentation and step-by-step guides are available to help you, if you wish to customise your particular web browser and technology, such as the W3C Better Web Browsing guide.

As we continue to improve the accessibility of our website, your feedback is vital. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our website's accessibility, or if you would like one of our publications in an alternative format, let us know.


Information will be requested to ensure you are suitable for online counselling. Further information will be required to measure and assess your personal progress and goals set as you progress. The results of these are always shared with you as part of your next session.

Contact with counsellors will take place within pre-arranged appointment times and any contact outside of these times is to be only for making or re-scheduling appointments.


If a counsellor believes at any stage that online counselling may be harmful to an individual, the contract will be brought gently to an end, with alternative support recommended where possible.

The Counsellor Blou is not a crisis service. Counsellors cannot be available in an emergency. Counselling sessions may use Risk Assessments to identify alternative support if necessary and help may be provided to find this support.

Private Membership

The Counsellor Blou is a private membership non incorporation practice. It is run by a group of men and women who are interested in the fair and ethical healing of others. This offers everyone involved, protection from public legislation. While ensuring high quality ethical standards are observed and the exclusive commitment to all aspects of human inalienable rights and sovereign empowerment.

Mission Statement

The Counsellor Blou is dedicated to providing highly ethical and professional counselling to help men and women recover from their challenges and go on to live a fully functioning, self led life of abundance, health and well-being.

Payment & Bookings

To book a session you must become a member. Sessions must be paid for in advance.

Sessions are charged as follows:
Online Counselling 50 minutes (instant messaging, emails or video calls) = £80 per session.

Prices are negotiable through discussion during session one, based on the complexity of your case and any reasons for concenssion.

Packages and Payment Plans

If a number of appointments are booked and paid for in advance, package discounts are applied. These packages are all available in the private section of the website.

Privacy, Security and Safety

Your privacy is a top priority. I am committed to the responsibility for the protection of your personal information, handling it in a responsible manner, and securing it with industry standard administrative, technical and physical safeguards. This responsibility is undertaken through two guiding principles:

Transparency - being open and up front about what personal information we collect and process,

Simplicity – ensure the use of easy-to-understand language to describe the practice, so you can make informed choices.

I am registered with the ICO, name and ref number; Organisation Name: Blou Rain Hyland, Reference number: ZB140874. All data required to run an encrypted and secure platform will be stored safely and in line with GDPR 2018 standards.

If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger - don't use this website.

Terms and Conditions of The Counsellor Blou

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